Top Quality

The site contractor is usually the first trade to hit the job – providing the foundation for every action to follow.

In the dirt business, the outcome of any job is simple – the job is correct, or it is not. The exact process of getting that correct outcome is often more complicated.

At Charger Services, our most important task is working with our customers to ensure that when we deliver our projects, every detail is correct.

We are focused on meeting and exceeding our customer’s requirements and expectations. In our business there is rarely a second chance to correct an early error.

On Time

You have a schedule to keep. Charger Services recognizes that small delays can have larger financial consequences. We will do whatever is necessary to deliver on our commitment to complete the project according to your schedule.

On Budget

Every project is different. But, once we have worked through the project requirements with a client – we hold ourselves to the agreed upon price. It is our job to know the challenges and complications that we may encounter – not yours.

We believe in honoring our contract. Should we run into difficulties, we would rather honor our customer and continue to build our relationship, not change our price mid-contract.


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